Artist's Statement

""From Behind"

The series "From Behind" was originally conceived with the goal of giving my subjects the same anonymity that I enjoy as a photographer. It is also a reaction of mine to the widespread misuse of photographs, which became relatively easy with the advent of digital photography and the rise of social media.

Digital photography, and the Internet in general, has brought many benefits to my work . I am happy with the precision it offers me in creating images. I am a user of both Facebook and Instagram. But the ease with which a person's privacy can be abused is disturbing to me and thus is one of motivating factors that led me to produce this series. This is a personal choice that every photographer has to decide for themselves.

So "From Behind..." Who are these people, what do they look like, what are they doing? I ask observers to give these images their own story, to place themselves in front of these people, and thus make this series a true shared endeavor.

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