Artist's Statement

Fog Grenades in the High Moor

If you "float" quietly over the high moor in the early morning, you will experience a unique natural spectacle. In the gently dancing ground fog, the landscape transforms into a true fairy tale. And when the sun lays its first rays over it, the day wraps itself in an enchanting morning dress. The fact that this idyll still exists today is only thanks to the "Initiative for the Protection of the Moors -Rothenthurm Initiative". 35 years ago the legendary referendum took place, which could enforce the preservation of this nature. At that time, the military (EMD), supported by center-right politics, planned to transform the Rothenthurm high moor into an armory. A bitter controversy developed, including threats of land expropriation. Thanks to the self-sacrificing commitment of the local population, left-wing politicians and the WWF, this plan was prevented. There are no shots in the mist today, only the muffled roar of the tractor as the local farmer goes about his work. As an aside, I wonder from time to time how firing exercises can be conducted at all in such frequent fog? At least the EMD could have saved itself fog grenades.

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