Artist's Statement

Wave Scanner 2021: An Excerpt

I am fascinated by phenomena of nature that carry an element of cyclic oscillation. On the one hand, I struggle privately every day with the rhythms of day and night, which alternate much too quickly for my taste (the night could be longer).. On the other hand, as an artist I have studied the wave nature of sound in depth. The leap into the water seemed inevitable to me at some point. The movement of kinetic energy through the water produces patterns that seem to remain the same for long periods of time, yet slowly change over time. Wave fields merge on the surface of the water to form visual algorithms that on the one hand seem chaotic and random, but at the same time seem to have an incredible regularity. In the search for these wave algorithms, I use a method from the beginnings of photography, which allows the visualization of a temporal sequence on a single image. The present photographs are a small section of a longer exploration into the subject. All material comes from Lake Zug. Should I ever live in a place with another lake, it will become apparent whether the body of water is interchangeable.

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