Artist's Statement

Vertical View : A look at Switzerland

The Baar-based photographer Andreas Busslinger already attracted attention with his illustrated books of paragliding photographs, which offered the readership a new perspective on things. Now he presents an even more radical change of perspective. He shows us his view of Switzerland from the vertical. Using paragliders, drones or other flying machines, he flew over Switzerland and photographed the ground below at exactly a right angle. A view of things that many of us are denied. Precisely because we are not used to this view of things, Busslinger's photographs irritate us, make us wonder and puzzle. Anyone who thinks they know all the nooks and crannies of Switzerland will come up against their limits - Vertical View shows unusual views of a Switzerland that has many details to offer. Translated with (free version)

QR code for the 9 minute documentary film about the photography of Andreas Busslinger: qr code

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